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In the early 1970s, Lawrence and Ramona Salvatore founded and built The House of the Lord Retreat Center.
Lawrence used his retirement money to establish a place for people, to find a place of refuge, a place where ALL may be one in the Spirit of the Lord and ALL work together as one body, to find spiritual healing, love, fellowship and unity, and to restore lives.

The vision to build a center included the main lodge, nine cabins, a campground, and a place for people to get married, retreat, enjoy holidays, family anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, and pray. They gave all their worldly possessions and all their time, energy and prayer to fulfill this vision.

The grounds had to be prepared because there was just land, no electricity, wells, septic, or any of the foundational materials. Lawrence and Ramona had the vision that community and unity went together. They truly cared for people and therefore they took time to meet as many of the neighbors in the area as possible. When they found the needy they did as much as they could to bring supplies and food.

Many joined with them in the efforts to establish the land and retreat center.
Volunteers came on a regular basis and everyone worked together, ate together and prayed together, as if one big happy family. They became known for their love and giving hearts.

They established a legacy and a heart of love, prayer and devotion that will not be forgotten. Lawrence has gone on to be with the Lord and Ramona was shown the gratitude for her life of giving at her 90th birthday, where over two hundred people gathered together at two parties.

Who we are ~

Now known as The Mountain and always, as The House of the Lord, the retreat lodge is opened to ALL people. Isaiah 2:2

Since 1975 people have come from all over the world to enjoy the peaceful environment of The Mountain. We are family operated, and all of our staff has the heart of the family. The setting is picturesque with nature on every side. Your adventure will most likely include enjoying and watching wildlife from our decks or windowed viewing areas. It has been a favorite place for weddings, anniversaries, retreats (both groups and private), reflection, reunions (of all kinds), banquets, holiday parties, family get-a ways, business meetings/team building, training sessions, clubs, craft shows, outreach fund-raisers, and recently has been opened for hunters and fishermen to enjoy. Our goal is to serve you and create a beautiful environment that will build lasting memories of The Mountain that will echo for years to come.

Our intent is to uphold through the generations the heart of the vision given to Lawrence and Ramona Salvatore. We are always available for prayer, and provide a place to get away to meditate and pray.

We have a desire to share with and help the needy, love the poor and give God's love to ALL.

The Family and Staff of The Mountain,

Roy and Lorelei Harris

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